Creative writing heartbreak

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creative writing heartbreak

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Heartbreak House: A Fantasia in the Russian Manner on English Themes is a play written by George Bernard Shaw, first published in 1919 and first played at the Garrick Theatre in November 1920. Albert Perry as Shotover and Elisabeth Risdon as Ellie Dunn in the original 1920 production. This scene was inspired by Millais’ painting The North-West Passage.

Ellie Dunn, her father, and her fiancé are invited to one of Hesione Hushabye’s infamous dinner parties, to be held at the house of her father, the eccentric Captain Shotover, an inventor in his late 80s who is trying to create a “psychic ray” that will destroy dynamite. The house is built in the shape of the stern of a ship. Lady Utterword, Shotover’s other daughter, arrives from Australia, but he pretends not to recognise her.

Hesione says they are running out of money. They say they do not want to prosecute him, but he insists he will turn himself in unless they pay him not to.

It turns out that the burglar is one of Shotover’s old crewmen. He confesses that he is not a real burglar. He deliberately gets himself captured to get charitable assistance from his victims.