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bnz creative writing

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He joined Sunbeam Glassworks in Auckland 1981 as a full-time glass artist and acquired ownership of Sunbeam seven years later. Garry has developed an international reputation through the strength and quality of his work in the Art-Glass realm. He is an honorary life member and past President of the New Zealand Society of Artists in Glass.

Garry also served as a local body politician as deputy chairman of Western Bays Community Board, Auckland 1989-92. ARTIST STATEMENTMy current work is a result of nearly four decades of fervent exploration within the medium of molten glass. The skills acquired during this uninterrupted period have allowed me to have at my fingertips techniques that were inconceivable when I started working with glass.

I have an strong interest in the rich history of glass making and have drawn impartially from its long, rich and varied past.